‘… a beautiful story about a special relationship
between a mother and a child’

~ Natasha Lester,
Best-selling author of the French Photographer

"We stood there for a long time and watched the sun dancing on the water."

from Cross My Heart

A story of deceit, betrayal and love that proves that in the end you can choose your family.

The Crossroads

"A sea of black wings beat against the sky, fanning the dying embers of the day."

from Close To Home

The only thing harder than letting go is moving on.

Close to Home

‘The man was a silhouette now against the backdrop of the lake, the shore in shadow as the final remnant of daylight drained from the sky.’

From Blackwattle Lake

Womens fiction set in places you’ll want to escape to … books that will keep you turning the page.

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All We Dream

Revised Edition of Essie’s Way

A forgotten necklace. A family secret. Two women hiding from the truth.

When successful Sydney lawyer Miranda McIntyre searches for something old to go with her wedding dress, she remembers an antique necklace from her childhood. Her mother’s denial of its existence only deepens Miranda’s curiosity but the discovery of a faded wedding photo and an old newspaper clipping reveal long-buried family secrets.

Who is the woman in the photo? And why are these keepsakes hidden in her mother’s closet?

Miranda’s quest for the truth takes her on a road trip south to the idyllic seaside village of Pelican Point where she stumbles upon a secluded cliff-top cottage and the reclusive Esther Wilson. As Miranda begins to unravel the mystery, a tale of daring rescue, forbidden love and shocking betrayal unfolds.

Meeting enigmatic horse trainer Vincent Kennedy forces Miranda to question the life she has worked so hard to create, throwing into turmoil everything she thought she knew about the past and about herself.

A multi-generational story of family, hope and following your heart.

Australian Fiction Author

Pamela Cook

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I write women’s fiction set in places you’ll want to escape to and books that will keep you turning the page. My novels feature tangled family relationships, the ups and downs of friendship, and explore issues like grief and loss, belonging and love. I plan to tug at your heart-strings so if you cry while you’re reading my books my goal is achieved! But don’t worry – there will also be a hopeful ending.

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Other Books

Cross My Heart (2020)

Tessa De Santis’s child-free marriage in inner-city Sydney is ordered and comfortable, and she likes it that way.

When tragedy strikes and her childhood friend Skye Whittaker dies, Tess is bound to honour a promise to become foster-mother to Skye’s ten-year-old daughter, Grace, changing her life irrevocably….

The Crossroads (2016)

Rosie O’Shea dreams of seeing the world. But right now the outback hotel she owns is falling down around her ears …

Drought is impacting hard on Stephanie Bailey and her family. They’ve already been forced to sell off most of their cattle and Stephanie’s husband is becoming more and more distant.

City girl Faith Montgomery is left reeling after a shocking discovery.


Close to Home (2015)

For Charlie Anderson the only thing harder than letting go is moving on. Orphaned at thirteen, Charlie has been on her own for over half her life. Not that she minds – she has her work as a vet and most days that’s enough. But when she’s sent to a small town on the New South Wales coast to investigate a possible outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus, Charlie finds herself torn between the haunting memories of her past …

Blackwattle Lake (2012)

For Eve Nicholls, walking up the driveway of her childhood home stirs up a whirlwind of emotion. The horses she loved still dot the paddocks but the house is empty, and the silence allows the past to come flooding back. She’s glad to have her best friend Banjo the kelpie with her, along with a bottle of bourbon. Her plan is simple: sell the farm, grab the cash and get the hell out. Within days of her return Eve runs into all the people she hoped to avoid … 

Cross My Heart is the kind of story that grabs ahold of your feelings on the first page, and refuses to let go until the very last. I loved every word of this emotional and compelling story. Pamela Cook is a rare and extraordinary talent.

– Kelly Rimmer, Best-selling author of The Things We Cannot Say

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May 22, 2021

The Business of Publishing – The Authors

Olivia Lanchester, CEO of Australian Society of Authors; author Pamela Cook, and author Alan Baxter - with facilitator Dr. Jackie Bailey.

This panel will discuss publishing from the perspective of authors: what’s the current publishing environment for writers who want to get books published? What are the possibilities and the pitfalls of commercial publishing? What are the other publishing models?

June 2 - 8, 2021

Turn Up The Tension Writing Workshop

Join Pamela Cook, author of five page-turning novels, who will use examples from contemporary fiction to discuss the key elements of writing and sustaining tension. During this one-week workshop, you’ll work through a series of exercises that will hone your skills and give you renewed enthusiasm to work on your manuscript. Regardless of genre, if you want to write a page-turner, this online workshop is for you.

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