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Pamela Cook - Australian Fiction with a Country Heart

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I’m a city girl with a country lifestyle – and too many horses! My rural fiction novels feature feisty women, tangled family relationships and a healthy dose of romance. My first novel, Blackwattle Lake, was published in 2012 after being selected for the Queensland Writer’s Centre/Hachette Manuscript Development Program. Essie’s Way, my second book, was published in 2013 and Close To Home was released in July 2015. The Crossroads is my latest novel, released November 29, 2016.

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The Crossroads

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A story of deceit, betrayal and love that proves that in the end you can choose your family.

Rosie O’Shea dreams of seeing the world. But right now the outback hotel she owns is falling down around her ears, her bank account is empty and family duty means she’s staying put.

Drought is impacting hard on Stephanie Bailey and her family. They’ve already been forced to sell off most of their cattle. The rains aren’t coming and Stephanie’s husband is becoming more and more distant.

City girl Faith Montgomery is left reeling after a shocking discovery. Determined to uncover the truth and make sense of her life, she arrives at The Crossroads Hotel but soon realises deception isn’t an easy game to play.

One family. Three women. Will the lies they tell and the secrets they hide lead to more heartache or will fate bring them together before its too late?

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Seeing With Fresh Eyes – Using Equine Therapy In Writing And Life

Equine Therapy is the practice of using horses as sources of healing. You may have seen on the news recently that horses are being used to help flood victims deal with their trauma. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a workshop called Seeing With Fresh Eyes run by the lovely people at Horsanity. I’ll have more photos from the day posted soon but I wanted to write about it while it was still fresh in my mind. This was a clinic based on  the principles of equine assisted therapy. Now that The Crossroads is out in the big, wide world I’m working on a new novel and I attended the clinic for research purposes. In the yet-to-be-named story my skeptical main character, desperate to help her grieving foster daughter, takes her to a neighbouring horse property only to find that spending time with the horses helps her deal with her own unresolved issues. While I certainly didn’t go along to the workshop with any level of skepticism – I’d read up on the topic and have been around horses long enough to know how therapeutic they can be – I did end up getting more out of the day on a personal level than I did for my research. It’s hard to put into words what I experienced at the workshop, but since I’m a writer I’d better give it a try … The day started with members of the small group introducing themselves and saying what we were hoping to get from the day. We’d been sent a series of questions to ponder... read more

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