The only thing harder than letting go is moving on.

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Pamela Cook is a city girl with a country lifestyle and too many horses. Her rural fiction novels feature feisty women, tangled family relationships and a healthy dose of romance. Her first novel, Blackwattle Lake, was published in 2012 after being selected for the Queensland Writer’s Centre/Hachette Manuscript Development Program. Her second novel, Essie’s Way, was published in 2013. Close To Home, due for release on June 27 2015, is her third novel.

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For Charlie Anderson the only thing harder than letting go is moving on.

Orphaned at thirteen, Charlie has been on her own for over half her life. Not that she minds – she     has her work as a vet and most days that’s enough. Most days. But when she’s sent to a small town on the New South Wales coast to investigate a possible outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus, Charlie finds herself torn between the haunting memories of her past, her dedication to the job and her attraction to a handsome local.

Travelling to Naringup means coming face to face with what is left of her dysfunctional family – her cousin Emma, who begged Charlie not to leave all those years ago, and her aunt Hazel, who let her go without a backwards glance. But it also means relying on the kindness of strangers and, when she meets local park ranger Joel Drummond, opening her heart to the possibility of something more . . .

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Back In The Saddle After Finishing The Crossroads

Lovely to be back at the blog again after a long few months of revising and editing my new novel The Crossroads. If you haven’t seen the cover yet here’s a peek:     Hope you love it as much as I do! I’d like to say that writing my fourth novel was easier than the previous three but, while the process had been different for each of them, they have all had their challenges, Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be sharing some details on The Crossroads, including where the idea came from, my inspirations for the story and setting and some of the highs and lows of the writing process. Right now that there I’m taking a little time off to get back to doing some of the (other) things I love. You might (or might not) remember that just over four years ago we welcomed a new fur baby into our family. This is Rio with his mum Bridget when he was just a few weeks old.     He spent his childhood in Wagga and Milton, learning the ropes from some of his elders and being very lovingly trained by my daughter, who is an extraordinary horse-person. As a youngster he came away from the National Quarter Horse Championships with a stash of ribbons but since then he’s been pretty much enjoying the quiet life.     Now it’s time for him to show us what he’s got. He is currently with a trainer who is doing a wonderful job of teaching him all about Western Pleasure. A few weeks ago I rode him for... read more

Not Blogging, Writing

A Very Overdue Post About My New Novel and Three Great New Characters …   It’s been quiet on the blogging front for me but I have been very busy doing something else – finishing my new novel, The Crossroads. Well, finishing it enough to send off to my editors (human not feline).     In my usual style I procrastinated big time which meant the final sprint to the finish line was more of a marathon – but still at sprint speed. Writing three interconnected storylines was a great way to stretch my writing wings but also made the revision process more complicated in terms of getting the voice right for each character, making sure the timelines work and building the tension in each separate plot line before they all come together near the end of the story. By the time I hit the send button it was sending me crazy so I’m crossing everything in the hope that my editor can actually make sense of it.   Thankfully I have a few weeks break before I have to look at it – as much as I’ve come to love the characters we definitely need some time apart.   So, let me introduce you to these people I’ve been spending all my time with: Rose Oshea – Rose is a no-nonsense soon to be fifty year old who runs The Crossroads Hotel in the outback Queensland town of Birralong. She’s been keeping the pub running as a promise to her late husband Mick but with repairs desperately needed and the bank account as dry as the local paddocks... read more
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