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Discussion Starters for The Crossroads

To help you and your Book Club I have put together a list of questions to get you chatting.  Here are some sample questions.

  • Why do you think Rose is so reluctant to share her problems with her friends and family?
  • Why do you think Stephanie chose not to say anything to Bryce when she found him crying in the shed?
  • In Chapter 2 (p59) Faith thinks about the possibility she is adopted: Was the lie why she’d always felt like something was missing, even though she’d been given everything a girl could want?

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Special Offer on Books Ordered Directly from the Author

Free Postage and Optional Skype Chat with the Author

Purchase 5 or more copies of The Crossroads from my website for delivery in Australia and you will

  • receive free postage
  • each book individually signed
  • have the opportunity for your Book Club to chat with me via Skype.

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Book Club Questions

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