This week’s guest on Books Spark Joy is the multi-talented Annie Seaton.

Annie has been following her dream of writing since she left her career in education eight years ago. She has written over forty books in that time and is published both traditionally and as an indie author. She’s won several awards, including Book of the Year (AUSROM) for Whitsunday Dawn in 2018, and has been a finalist for the RWA Ruby Award, and the RWZN Koru award and has had many bestsellers. Her latest book, Undara, is in stores this week.


Over to Annie …

Where do you keep your books?

My books are in the living room of our house, and in the guest bedroom on a bookshelf, as well as teetering in a pile of ‘next-to-be-read’ beside the bed! I also have a small cabinet in my study with craft of writing books, and special collections.


Books Spark Joy, Annie Seaton, @PamelaCookAuthor
Annie’s bookshelves crammed with loads of great books!


Do you hoard or pass your books along?

Until our last-but-one move, I had every book I ever owned on several large bookshelves. When we lugged in boxes and boxes of books, I decided it was time to downsize, and I gave away many books. I have regretted it ever since!

How do you feel about lending books?

I lend often, and I lend my favourite books, and usually get them back. My two favourite books of all time are Katherine by Anya Seton, and Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. They both were non-returns and I have never been able to get another copy of Prince of Tides!

How does your bookshelf tell the story of your life?

It gives me joy to look at my books…each book holds a memory for me. They are grouped in eras: family books, (1911 girls’ annual) sentimental value (my Dad’s 1950s electrical engineering textbooks and my Mum’s 1937 copy of Anne of Green Gables), the books from my childhood, a shelf of all-time favourites. I also have a whole bookcase set aside for Australian authors, and another shelf or two or three for Nora Roberts. My entire collection of Essie Summers romances resides in a cabinet in my study with my craft books; that collection took me over twenty years to complete.

How do you organize your books?

When I was a librarian my nonfiction were in Dewey Decimal Order, they now sit where they fit on the new bookshelves.

Are you a print or digital reader?

I am both, but recently I have turned back to print. The librarian in me says there is nothing like the feel and smell of paper, but I do read on my iPad occasionally.

Do you write surrounded by books?

No… my desk is clear. I use photographs of settings that I have taken during my research journeys as inspiration.

Do you read while you’re working on a book and if so what do you read?

I read constantly; and my taste is wide ranging. Australian romance, women’s fiction, historical fiction, and whatever else takes my fancy! 

The book that sparks joy: Anne of Green Gables. I was named after Anne Shirley, and the story always brings back nostalgic memories of my Mum and my childhood.


Annie Seaton, Books Spark Joy


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