There’s nothing like curling up in front of a crackling fire with a great book and whiling away a few hours. I’d love to say that’s what I’ve been doing but sadly the fireplace installation has stalled so I’ve been reading in front of my gas heater – not quite as cosy but still a great way to relax. In no particular order are my five favourite books from the last few months.

Find out what the other member’s of my writing group The Writers’ Dozen have been reading. Between us all we have your next few months of reading covered!


  1. The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland

I picked up this book because of the divine cover and then I read the opening sentence: ‘In the weatherboard house at the end of the lane, nine-year old Alice Hart sat at her desk by the window and dreamed of ways to set her father on fire.’ And then there were the beautiful sketches of the wildflowers sprinkled throughout the book. How could I not buy it? Superb writing, a wonderful protagonist who we follow from childhood into her adult years and a story to tug at your heart-strings. What’s not to love?


My Top 5 Winter Reads, @PamelaCookAU



  1. Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I’m dipping back into this amazing tome about the wild spirit we women innately possess and how easily it can be lost through socialization, relationships and life in general. Estes uses Jungian psychology to break down myths and fairytales, analyzing the way women can be forced into unhappy situations and also how they can break out of them. I’m reading it in conjunction with a new book I’m writing and I was really interested to see Holly Ringland cite the book in her acknowledgments. Not an easy read but definitely thought provoking and challenging.


My Top 5 Winter Reads, Women who Run With The Wolves



  1. The Writer’s Crucible by Philip Kenney

I heard Philip speak on a podcast recently and instantly ordered his book. In writing- as in any artistic work – it’s so easy to get down on yourself and lose faith. This book is full of common sense psychology and meditations to promote self belief and courage. I found it just as I was completing my revisions to submit my manuscript to a publisher for consideration so it was perfect timing. It’s one I’ll be going back to over and over again.



Mt top 5 Winter Reads, The Writer's Crucible



  1. The Sister’s Song by Louise Allan

Historical fiction full of yearning and evocative description, beautifully written by this wonderful debut author. The story focuses on the relationship between two sisters and their mother in the aftermath of their father’s death. Set in 1920’s Tasmania and covering 70 years it’s a haunting story of love and loss that will have you reaching for the tissues.



My Top 5 Winter Reads, The Sisters' Song



  1. The Memories That Make Us by Vanessa Carnevale

Another one to tug at your heart strings (seems to be a theme going here!). Vanessa follows up her debut novel The Florentine Bridge with the story of Gracie and Blake whose seemingly perfect relationship is fractured when Gracie is involved in a horrendous car accident. Gracie moves to the country to her mother’s abandoned flower farm (another common theme) and begins the process of rebuilding her life. A lovely story that will have you smiling and reaching for those tissues in equal measure.


My Top 5 Winter Reads, The Memories That Make Us



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