Last week I introduced you to the three female protagonists of The Crossroads – this week it’s the men’s turn. While they aren’t as prominent in the storyline they are crucial to the plot. And where would a Rural romance be without the love interests?

 Sweet – Dave

When David Ryan walks into The Crossroads Hotel, Rosemary O’Shea’s jaw drops. It’s been over thirty years since she last saw him and his arrival is definitely not a welcome one. Recently widowed, Dave has returned to Birralong to house-sit but has a yearning to make his stay more permanent. Reliable, down to earth and genuinely happy to see his old friend Rose, he is completely oblivious to the unease she feels at their meeting. There are more than a few surprises in store as Rose and Dave get to know each other again

Silent – Bryce

Life on the land has never been tougher for Bryce Bailey and his wife Stephanie. The drought has forced them to sell off most of their cattle and the stock that remain are getting thinner by the day. Desperate to live up to the legacy left to him by his father, Bryce has become withdrawn and sullen. Stephanie is at her wit’s end and misses the fun, romantic guy she fell in love with as a teenager. To make things worse Bryce’s estranged brother Cameron has just arrived back in town with a proposition about the property he still partly owns. How will Bryce react to his brother’s plans and what will Stephanie do to try and get him to see sense?

Meet The Men Of The Crossroads: Sweet, Silent And Sexy, Pamela Cook, @PamelaCookAU


Sexy – Cameron

Being back in Birralong is bitter-sweet for Cameron Bailey. He’s missed the place and the people – not that he wanted to make his living on the land like his brother – but there’s quite a few of those people who give him a wide berth now that he’s working for a mining company. If he could only convince them that thinking outside the box might help them save their properties. Already on edge, he doesn’t leave the best first impression on Faith Montgomery, the new barmaid at The Crossroads, but when he apologises for his behavious and they chat more, sparks begin to fly.


The Crossroads is out now – available at all good bookstores, Big W, Target and online through Amazon, Kobo, and Booktopia.


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