It’s that time of year again, the time of year when we all get nostalgic and reflect back on the year that was before looking forward to the year ahead. So as I take a look back over 2015 I thought I’d share the stand out memories from each month. Some good, some amazing and some among the hardest of my life. I’ll be posting often between now and December 31 and because I’m late getting started (as always!) I’ll be grouping a few months together.

Overall, the year started pretty much as usual, holidays with family, catching up with friends but as the months passed I have to say the word that sums up my year would be CHANGE. I’m someone who has always resisted change – happy to stay in my safe, secure little bubble and let the world roll on by, but the universe had another idea in mind and by the second half of the year, things were changing rapidly.

But more about the later.

Let’s start with January, February and March …

My favourite time of the year, lazing at Little Forest, meeting friends, planning my writing year and enjoying the summer sunshine.




Seeing Sting and Paul Simon live perform together in the Hunter Valley was a definite musical highlight. More great music followed with Rod Stewart who might be heading for 70 but can still strut his stuff, and the talents of Lady Antebellum.








We welcomed a new four legged friend into the family – Moon – my daughter’s warm blood x Irish sport horse.




The edits were finished on Close to Home and it was time to start thinking about the next book.




Well, almost time.


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