Well here we are at the end of the Close To Home playlist. I’ve really enjoyed compiling this soundtrack and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my choices and how they fit the narrative. And of course I hope you loved the music and videos too.

Since Close To Home is a novel with romantic elements you might guess that the final song is going to have the same feel – and you’d be right. I’m not one to necessarily tie every thread of a storyline up in a neat bow but I do like to leave my characters with a sense of hope and optimism about the future. There are quite a few threads to be gathered at the end of the book and one of those is the relationship between Charlie and Joel. These two have been attracted to each other since they first met and after the events of the last few chapters have become very special to each other.

I couldn’t go past Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud  to finish off the playlist. It’s one of those songs that makes me want to smile and cry simultaneously. It has a beautiful simplicity to its sound and the lyrics are romantic without being gushy – it captures perfectly the way Charlie is feeling towards Joel.

The official video clip features Ed and a gorgeous ballerina and there’s a lovely acoustic clip too. I’ve included them both here for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Thanks for following the Close to Home playlist. If you missed any just click on the Close To Home Soundtrack Category box to find the entire selection.





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