Today I’m celebrating the launch of my third novel Close To Home. If anyone had told me a few years ago I would be the author of three published books I would have laughed at them. As cliched as it sounds it really is a dream come true.

Because things have been a little crazy I didn’t get to post my #MondayBlogs post yesterday about the next song on the Close To Home soundtrack. So here it it …

This week’s song is actually from another soundtrack, Sleepless in Seattle, the movie Charlie watches when she’s curled up alone in her motel room. Charlie is a bit like me, a closet romantic, so she’s happy to be able to sigh quietly to herself over the inevitable love story unfurling on her screen.

The version of the song played in the film is the original one by Jimmy Durante, so I’ve included that clip here. Despite the lack of exciting visuals it’s worth a listen for the sweet simplicity of the lyrics brought to life by Durante’s gravelly voice.



Charlie’s favourite scene in the movie is where Annie sees the heart shaped lighting on the Empire State building as a ‘sign’ and rushes off to meet the love of her life. So romantic! Did anyone do chic flicks better than Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? Anyway I couldn’t resist adding a little snippet of it here. And for the few people on the planet who may not have seen the film – spoiler alert, it does give the ending away.


Hope the song and the clip made you smile.

You can read more about Charlie’s story in Close To Home, now available in Bookstores, Kmart, Target, Big W and online at


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