Today on the blog Fantasy author Bernadette Rowley talks about her writing inspirations. Bernadette is a fellow horse lover and her latest novel is based on one of my favourite tales, The Little Mermaid.

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The Lord And The Mermaid

Fans of C.L. Wilson will love this fantasy romance about two lovers from different worlds who will break the laws of land and sea in their quest to be together.

Mermaid Merielle has fled the sea, disgusted at the actions of her people and desperate to build a life for herself on land. But to truly live as a woman, she must find a human man to fall in love with her.

Lord Nikolas Cosara lost his brother at sea, and has promised to avenge his death – a death he believes was at the dangerously seductive hands of a mermaid. But when Nik finds Merielle

washed up on the beach, he reluctantly saves her. Despite his antipathy for her kind, Nik is increasingly drawn to Meri, who is slowly working her way into his damaged heart.

Can Nik surrender to his love for Meri before her hopes of a human life are lost forever? Or will a devastating secret bring all her efforts to naught?


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  1. What – or who – first inspired you to write?

I think books first inspired me to write. I loved to read as far back as grade one when my teacher said I would read the words on a vegemite jar if there was nothing else to read. I used to have several books on the go at once all through my childhood. Then I discovered fantasy and I was done for!


  1. Is there a place and time of day when you feel most inspired? 

I can’t write when I’m tired but either in morning or afternoon is fine for me. That’s why I could never have achieved publication if I worked full time. I just wouldn’t have the energy. I really admire authors who work a job full time and write in snatches here and there. I also need to get routine jobs out of the way before I sit down at the laptop.


  1. When you’re feeling uninspired what sort of creative activities help you get your writing mojo back?

I often feel uninspired but don’t believe in writer’s block. I just keep forcing the words out, knowing that I can fix anything later. I brainstorm, sometimes with a writer pal I see each week, if I need ideas. I also ask myself questions and just sit back and wait for the answers to pop into my head- my muse needs a bit of help but she surprises me sometimes.


  1. Can you tell us about one of your characters (current or past) who has been inspired by a real person or a situation in one of your stories that was inspired by a real life event?

When I was young, I bred and trained a horse called Captain. We were very close and depended on each other, spent a lot of time together. In The Lady’s Choice, the heroine, Benae, has a special link with her horse Flaire. She can actually communicate mind to mind with him which is something I would love to have been able to achieve with Captain.


  1. What was the inspiration for your current book?

My current release, The Lord and the Mermaid, came about when I sat down and thought about fantasy characters that were underutilized. I came up with the mermaid and discovered she fit perfectly with the setting of Wildecoast, the fantasy city where the book is set. I thought it would be cool to see if I could change a mermaid into a lady and how that would work. It’s based, of course, on The Little Mermaid, but she is all grown up!




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