Here’s a blast from the past for anyone who (like me) was a teenager in the ’80’s.

In Chapter 4 of Close To Home Charlie hears this song playing over the speaker in a hospital waiting room:

The gravelly voice of Jimmy Barnes filled the waiting area and Charlie silently sang along to the lyrics – she knew them off by heart. Both her parents had been huge fans of Cold Chisel, and although she’d only been a kid at the peak of the band’s popularity, their cd’s had been the backing tracks to her childhood. She still had two of them in her glovebox, now she came to think of it, the cases cracked and the discs scratched with time and use. This particular song had always been a favourite – the image of the flame trees lining the streets and the girl falling in love by the pianola. How appropriate, she thought ruefully, as she remembered the story of the singer returning to his old home town.

So of course, there was only one song I could pick as the track for this chapter.

Hope you enjoy it.



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