Being a music lover I often find a link between my writing and certain songs, often in the mood the music creates but more frequently in the way the lyrics connect to the themes of the novel I’m working on at the time.

For Close To Home I decided to formalize this process a little and created a soundtrack of songs which sum up the ideas of the novel as a whole and of each chapter in particular.

So, with just over six weeks to go until release day, and with a total of sixteen chapters in the book, I’ll be revealing my soundtrack, one song at a time over the coming months.

First up is a song by Florence And The Machine called Shake It Out. Without giving too much away, the main character in the novel, Charlie Anderson is faced with something of a crisis as the story begins. The lyrics of this song hint at Charlie’s dilemma. Copyright laws don’t allow me to quote too many lyrics here but I will say that Florence’s advice to ‘shake off’ the ‘devil on your back’ is something that Charlie really needs to take on board.

But will she?

Here’s the gorgeous film clip for your listening and viewing pleasure (my favourite image is the one of Florence walking along the tree branch towards the end):

Tune in next Monday for the track to Chapter 2.

Have a great week.


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