How was your Easter?

I hope you managed to find some time to unwind and do some of the thing you love.

I was lucky enough to escape to Little Forest, my “other” home and spend some time with my family. We have a few acres with currently only a couple of very fat cows in residence.  They were bought as calves and were supposed to be “moved on” around a year later but when my daughters named them and started feeding them they were destined to become part of the family.

Rosie and Daisy

Rosie and Daisy

We also had a few other “visitors” this weekend who happened to drop by:




To be honest I’m not a fan of snakes so when we found the metre plus skin of this fellow on our veranda I wasn’t too impressed. But my family assure me that diamond pythons are harmless and the fact that when I did see him he was in a tree, not somewhere I was going to come across him face to face, I felt a lot happier.

Apart from watching the wildlife and doing some cloud gazing

Cloud pic

I managed to spend a couple of lazy mornings lying in bed and finished a book – The Girl In Steel Capped Boots by Loretta Hill. Loretta was a guest here on the blog a little while back which inspired me to try her books. This one is her debut novel, set in the remote mining district of the Pilbara in Western Australia. It features a strong heroine (tick), an interesting setting (tick), a cast of quirky characters (tick) and a very sexy love interest (TICK!). I won’t spoil it by telling you the story but if you want to escape and lose yourself in a good story give it a try. I’m looking forward the reading the follow-up novel The Girl in The Hard Hat soon.

Loretta Hill HardHat cover final (2)

And apart form all that I did do some writing. I’m working on a new book which is set on the south coast of NSW. It’s a work in progress so I won’t reveal too much about it other than to say it involves a family secret, forbidden love and of course, a horse or two.

Tomorrow my guest on Writer Wednesday will be romance writer Juliet Madison.

Have a great week.

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