Where I'm Writing From in January

Where I’m Writing From in January

The first day of a new year, a perfect time to start afresh, set some goals and get yourself writing. I’ve read a variety of opinions on how long it takes to form a habit, ranging from 21 days to 36 to 52 so I’m figuring that 31 – the number of days in January – would be a pretty safe bet.

Unlike nano this challenge doesn’t set a standard goal for you to reach. The idea is to set your own goals and decide how much time you can realistically devote each day to your writing. Some days you might have more time than others – you can factor that in to your planning as long as you set a minimum number of hours or pages or words (whichever option works best for you).

Apart from just setting the daily writing goals you need to work out how you’re going to put them into practice – when is the best time of day for you to write? First thing in the morning, a quiet hour or two in the afternoon? On the train? Last thing at night? We all have different commitments in our lives to work around and we also have different body clocks. Some people write best first thing in the morning, others in the dead of night. Maybe you can experiment with this over the next month and work out when your optimum writing time actually is.

Once you’ve worked out what your writing goals are for the month and how much you will do each day, be sure to write them down in a notebook – committing your goals to paper makes them more real. You might also like to write them on an index card or a larger sheet of paper and display them – on your fridge, above your desk or writing area – anywhere you’ll see them regularly.

I’ll be posting tips here each day on the blog and would love you to share your own experiences by posting in the comments section. To read comments just click where the number of comments is displayed below each post or scroll down to the Share Your Thoughts section on the sidebar.

So here’s what I’ll be doing for the Challenge:

  • 3 hand written morning pages each day (for more on morning pages click here http://wp.me/pVnoP-1A)
  • One hour of freewriting each day on my new novel – which currently has no title (more to come on freewriting)
  • Two hours per week working on an outline for a follow-up novel to Blackwattle Lake.

Ideally I’d like to do more than an hour a day but as I’m currently away with family and have a few visitors arriving I’m trying to be realistic. If I can find more than an hour on some days I’ll be very happy!

What will you be writing this month?

Share your goals, thoughts and writing tips and good luck with the Challenge.

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