…as I’ve discovered this week with the release of Blackwattle Lake is the enormous amount of support and good wishes you receive from family, friends and readers. I’ve had so many messages on Facebook and via text and phone, wishing me luck, cheering me on and reporting sightings of the book in various stores, I’ve been smiling inside and out.

For me, writing has always been about connection – connection with yourself first and then with others – those who share your journey and ultimately those who you will never meet who read your words and find something in them that resonates. The genuine good will and happiness I’ve felt from so many people over the last few days has been another form of connection – a sharing in the joy of realising a dream.

Fellow writers – some who I haven’t met in person – have been spreading the word and helping to promote my book at every opportunity.

Today Monique Mcdonell features me in an interview on her blog post. Monique writes humorous chic lit that warms the cockles of your heart. Having self published two books in the last six months she has more coming out in the new year and has spent hours on marketing and social networking. I’m in total awe of her stamina!

To see the interview go to http://moniquemcdonell.weebly.com/blog.html

I’m looking forward to my book launch on Sunday when the champagne will be flowing and I’ll be having a true celebration with people from all different facets of my life.

At the risk of sounding clichéd at this moment in my life I feel truly blessed!

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