I’ve never been big on to-do lists but I have to admit I’m becoming a convert.

As part of the Margie Lawson Defeating Self Defeating Behaviours Class (www.margielawson.com) I’ve been taking I’ve been writing weekly and daily lists of what I want to achieve. The main focus has been on writing but I’ve been including other tasks like work and volunteer commitments, household jobs (yawn), even phone calls that need to be made. It sounds a little anal to those of us who have always resisted this sort of high level organisation but I have to tell you – it works!

I’ve been listing things like: finish revision of Chapter 6; complete scene summary of draft; investigate poetry comps; call Dr and change appointment; email requested information to Jess. By working my way through the lists I’ve been not only starting but completing a whole range of tasks that I would otherwise procrastinate about.
And once the job’s done the secret is to tick it off. Who would have thought that a tick could give you such a sense
of power?

Yes, power.

Achieving your goals, even tiny ones, gives you an amazing buzz. You are no longer a time waster, you no longer experience the frustration of getting nothing done and you no longer have to sit in front of the computer and wonder where to start. Your day is planned, your writing is finally getting somewhere. Not to mention the other myriad jobs that add up to the complexity of your life. Your mood lightens, your head space clears, your family and friends can stand being around you once again.

Writing has to be planned along with all your other
commitments. If you incorporate it into a daily plan, make lists and tick tasks off as you go you might find yourself making real progress.

Do you like a list?
What do you make lists for and does it work?

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