This week I’m working on re-setting my writing goals. My current goals are to improve my time management, increase my writing output and create more writing success. Or, to be more specific: spend more time writing, finish the revision of my current novel and send more pieces out for publication.

In order to do all of these I have to find more time to write and make writing a priority.

The first step I’ve taken is to clear my desk – again – which has had an amazing impact on my motivation. It’s now a pleasant place to be and I can actually find things. A hard copy of the the manuscript I’m working of is sitting in front of my computer and the screen copy is constantly open so whenever I have a spare ten minutes I sit and revise a few sentences.

I’ve also signed up to do Margie Lawson’s “Defeat Your Self Defeating Behaviours Power Punch Course”( online for 2 weeks.I did the first course in January and it set me up well for the first part of the year but now I’m sorely in need of a shake-up.Margie’s big on setting daily and weekly goals (along with monthly and yearly). I’m only two days in but so far so good.I’ve made corrections to two chapters of my novel and have been marking things off my to-do list with big, fat ticks.

For many of us the desire to write and the time to write don’t always balance. It’s a constant struggle to carve out the time we need but if we persevere and keep working towards our goals we’ll get there in the end.

Where are you at with achieving your writing goals for the year?

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