After just over a year of blogging I’ve decided to re-think why I post and the whole purpose of this blog.

In my first post I explained the reason behind the name – Flying Pony – and the idea of exploring the world of the imagination and of the writing world in particular. The blog was going to be about writing and following your dreams. And connecting with others who are doing the same. (Read the full post here).

So have I succeeded? Yes and no.

Most of my posts have been about the writing process – sharing ideas and information on how to continue and progress. Hopefully that has been useful to those of you who have clicked and read. In terms of connecting that’s something I’d like to do more of. One of the greatest joys of being a writer is sharing the journey with others who are on the same, or a similar, path. Over the coming months I plan to provide more blogs that will get readers thinking, commenting and interacting. I’ll be sharing my own writing experiences as well as writing posts on how to enhance your creativity, making time to write, connecting with other writers, tips on writing fiction, memoir and poetry, the ups and downs of the writing life, how to keep yourself writing and opportunities for publication.

I’ll also be sharing stories about people who follow their dreams in all walks of life. And hoping you’ll do the same.In the meantime you might like to browse the tags, read some past posts and make a comment.

I’d love to hear from you.


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