I’m still feeling inspired after meeting the new Writer Ambassadors for Room to Read: Kate Forsyth, Deb Abela, Belinda Murrell and Oliver Phommavanh. And of course always wonderful to chat with fabulous writer Susanne Gervay who has been a long time supporter. Also at the meeting was Caroline Mclean from The Reading Room (www.thereadingroom.com), an online resource for readers and bookclubs, another valued supporter.

For those of you who don’t know about Room to Read it’s a global organisation that builds schools and libraries in developing countries along with providing scholarships for girls and publishing children’s books in local languages. We are also developing first-rate literacy programs. I was fortunate enough to go to India in December and visit four schools in remote areas of Rajasthan. And I can tell you first hand the educational progress that’s being made is mind-blowing. Not only are the children learning to read, their families and communities are given access to the libraries and they are also being taught life skills that will influence their lives way beyond the classroom.

The Sydney Chapter of Room to Read is only a few years old but already we have raised around 4 million dollars. As the Students Helping Students Coordinator I aim to spread the word about Room to Read to as many schools as possible, not only to fundraise but to raise awareness and help create responsible global citizens. With the help of our Writer Ambassadors –  who also include Melina Marchetta, Markus Zusak, James Knight, Tristan Bancks, Gus Gordon and Libby Hathorn – we are looking forward to inspiring many more students not just to love reading and writing themselves but to help others in less fortunate circumstances to do the same.

To find out more about Room to Read go to www.roomtoread.org

You can contact me for information on Students Helping Students.

And read Susanne’s blog about our Tuesday night meeting at  http://www.sgervay.com/blog/


The Life Skills Game                             Library Monitors in their new Reading Room

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