Writing is like exercise – you know it’s good for you, you know you have to do it, once you start you get into the zone and disappear from the world around you and when you finish a gruelling session you’re on a total high. But it’s also difficult to find the time and discipline not only to start but to develop it into a habit.

Here’s some things I’m trying to get myself back into writing and to develop it into a daily discipline:

  • set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals
  • make the goals realistic and achievable otherwise you’ll quit before you begin
  • mark the goals off your list once they’re done so you know you’re making progress
  • post sticky notes in strategic places around your house reminding you to write
  • accept that it’s ok to work in small chunks of time – you don’t need to have three hours or a whole day to do some writing
  • take a notebook with you everywhere and use whatever spare minutes you have
  • try getting up half an hour earlier or going to bed half an hour later
  • turn off the tv and write
  • find a writing buddy who can help keep you on track
  • reward yourself with something you love but usually feel too guilty to spend time on
  • don’t wait for tomorrow, start today

That’s a few of the things I’m trying. Once I’ve nailed them for writing I’m going to attempt to apply them to exercise. One thing at a time.

Would love to know how you carve time out of your busy day for writing?

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