Miranda McIntyre thinks she has it all sorted. She’s a successful lawyer, she’s planning her wedding and ticking off all the right boxes. When searching for something old to go with her wedding dress she remembers an antique necklace from her childhood, but her mother denies any knowledge of it. Miranda is sure it exists. Trying to find the necklace, she discovers evidence that perhaps the grandmother she thought was dead is still alive.

Ignoring the creeping uncertainty about her impending marriage, and the worry that she is not living the life she really wants, Miranda takes off on a road trip in search of answers to the family mystery but also in search of herself.

Ultimately she will find that looking back van lead you home.

A captivating story of family, love and following your heart.

‘In the distance the sky and sea merged into an opaque sheet of black, the only light shed by a sliver of moon. A crack of lightning split the darkness, illuminating the cauldron that was the ocean for just a few moments. She tilted her chin up and stretched forward, straining to see. Something was out there.’

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A well-crafted novel with fascinating characters and a story that keeps you turning the page.

SydneyGal (Amazon May 2015)

This story is full of wonderful descriptions of the breath-taking scenery of South Coast NSW, a hint of romance and a gripping plot that makes you keep turning the pages. I could not put this book down!

C M Green (Amazon May 2015)

A stunningly beautiful novel that perfectly captures rural Australian life.

Amanda Barrett (Goodreads March 2013)

A heartwarming and intriguing story of love, family and history that I absolutely LOVED. HIGHLY recommended.

Sharon (Goodreads January 2015)

Great read, kept me turning the pages even though my kindle broke down half way through...... had to get a new iPad so I could finish it !

Maureen Howell (Amazon January 2015)

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