Kath, This One’s For You

Kath, This One’s For You

Today is going to be tough. It’s the day I say farewell to my best friend. We met in high school – first form, as it was called in those days -and have been friends ever since. We travelled the world together, were bridesmaids for each other, raised our kids, laughed, cried and probably drank too many wines. The other thing we did together was see Elton John just about every time he came to Australia. Each time a concert was announced we’d call each other:

‘What do you think?’

‘Yeah, let’s do it!’

Elty, as we affectionately called him was like our old childhood friend and we couldn’t NOT go.

I was supposed to go and see him last weekend in the Hunter Valley but this time she was in a nursing home, by now in the final stages of the hideous MND she was diagnosed with just 18 months ago. My husband bought the tickets and planned a special weekend away but somehow it didn’t feel right going without Kathie.

I didn’t make the Hunter Valley gig. She left us on Friday night and I just wasn’t up to seeing Elty. I’ll be seeing him next weekend with my daughter – his final concert at the Sydney Entertainment centre, where I’ve seen him so many times before, and I know someone else will be there in spirit rocking along.

Today will be one of the toughest. Forty years is a long time to be friends. Kath, you taught me what friendship really means and you lived your life with joy and courage and love.

This one’s for you.



Pammy x




  1. Thinking of you Pam xxx 💜

    • Thinking of you and your dear friend’s family, Pam. LOts of love coming your way.

    • I’m thinking of you lovely. Beautiful post.

  2. With you in spirit Pamela. <3

  3. I write with tears in my eyes. What a fabulous friendship you both had. What an an awful, awful disease, to take her from you. My thoughts are with you today & in the time ahead. May you be comforted by all the wonderful memories, and by the incredibly strong guardian angel you now have overhead. Xoxo

    • Thanks Margareta. I missed this comment when you posted it. I really appreciate your thoughts. x

  4. So sorry Pam. My prayers are with Kath and you. Beautiful testimony to a friend


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